How to Creating a Simple User Control ?
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In this article, we will build two user controls. To cover the very basics, our first example will be an extremely simple calendar control. The control builds on the functionality of the existing ASP.NET calendar control by adding a text box to store the value selected. The calendar visibility will be toggled by a button. The user control could then be useful on a form that requires a date to be entered, but page real estate is a concern.

For clarity, both examples are written in C#, and the full source code is available for download.

To create our first user control, we need to add a user-control file to a project. First, create a new C# ASP.NET Web application. Right click on the project in the Project Explorer and click Add - Add New Item and select a Web User Control item. This adds a file with the extension .ascx to the project. This is the file that the user control will use to expose its interface. An .ASCX file cannot be viewed directly in the browser. It will need to be placed within a container (such as another Web form) to be viewed. So, let's add a new Web form to the project, open it, and drag the user-control file onto the page. The following is displayed.
see control