One of the control or component in program Visual Basic 6.0 is vb6 msflexgrid. Function and their role is similar to mshflexgrid. Which displays the data in the form of rows and columns. Or if in the form of web programming output more use html tables. Control is a little different with mshflexgrid.

 vb6 msflexgrid

          The use of control is very simple and easy. To add in a form can be added as follows:
        Create a new project in Visual Basic 6.0 program, and then add a form. To add a component or control vb6 msflexgrid into a then double click the control that is in the collection box components. If no then you have not added control into the collection box components.
        For that you must add it by right-clicking on the area of the component box, then check that in a control called Microsoft Msflexgrid Control 6.0, after checked and then press the OK button aplly or. If there is no problem in your visual basic program, then the control will add a collection of controls that exist in a box set of components.
       Okay, we'll assume you've managed to add the control, and have added also into a form.
 Property - property that is generally the same as the existing properties on other components.


        In this case we will practice entering data from source Microsoft Access database. Important property used in dealing with controlling the database is Datasouce property. That is a peoperty which serves to set up a database which will be used.
 However, before using prperty, you must enter in advance of other controls that relate directly to the database of control data.
        So Msflexgrid not directly related to the data, but no data pengendalai called control data. By default the control data is already in the box set of components. Therefore, to add it you just double-click the icon control.
 Okay, we'll assume you are finished adding the control data which by default will have the name data1. Well, do these data on the control settings on propertynya as follows:
 Suppose the database is Microsoft Access, then:
 Setting the propety Connect to the Access or Access 2000 if you use Microsoft Access 2000 database.
 - Setting proprty DatabaseName on the database you mean.
 - Setting RecordSource property in the name of table that you display.
 If you want to show the query form, can also be done, but we will discuss in the exercises at a later date.
        If all goes well, then the next is a return control msflexgrid. All you have to do is just setting the property to data1 Datasouce that had we have done the change - change in propertynya.
        Okay, now you've finished doing all the settings on the control properties are required, then you are ready to run the program.
 To verify that everything is going well, now run the program by pressing RUN button.
       The data will show what it is like on the original table, if the table there are five fields in the form looks like it will be featured as many as five columns.
       If you want to enhance the appearance of the grid or wanted to control the grid when the program runs, then you can do with coding.
 Up here we exercise by using the control vb6 Msflexgrid.
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