Before writing event procedures for monitoring response to user input should set some properties on the control to set its appearance and how it will work in case the process. You can set the properties of control in the window of property or the environment.
3.1 The painting is typical of the right window on the properties of form. You can rename any form of the word name that you like best. In the window of the property, the product will appear at the top is under review at this time (3.1 figure in mind that the Hoja1). In the lower part, the items listed in the left column represent the names of various properties related to the chosen topic, while the items listed in the right column represent members of the property. Property May be set by labeling elements in the right column then change them, enter or select options available.
For example, to change a word, simply select Hoja1 title under the name and change ga in other names. You can also try to change the look of the form is setting a 3D or flat. Other things you can do is to change its plan and the background color, you can change the font type and size of letters, to activate or deactivate minimize and maximize buttons, etc.

You can change the properties of the environment to give special effects, such as changing the color, shape, effects animation and so on. For example, the following code will change the shape, color red every time a form is loaded. VB hexadecimal system uses to represent the colors. You can check the colour code of having boxes showed that under the ForeColor and BackColor.