what the asp sintax ?
If you have experience with PHP, Javascript, or ASP programming, the asp sintax almost the same with the other. However, if you only have experience with web technologies such as HTML and CSS, the ASP will be more of a challenge.
How to use HTML tags to create a web page, ASP requires the tag to become a dynamic web site. This tag is used in a typical HTML tags, so make sure you see the difference between the tag and used for ASP tag that is used for HTML. Below is our ASP scripts used in previous studies.
what the asp sintax ?
Response.Write("Hello Me")
These special tags <% and %> will always encapsulate your ASP code. Some things about the ASP tag that sets it apart from normal HTML tags:
1. An opening ASP tag is <% while an HTML tag normally looks like
2. A closing ASP tag looks like %> while an HTML tag normally looks like
3. ASP code can occurr anywhere, even within an HTML tag opening tag like this:

code asp:
the explorer will display
what the asp sintax ?