Installing the ASP.NET is very easy, just follow the instructions below:
Prepare a computer that is compatible with Windows, because ASP.NET can only road in the Windows Oprating Sysytem.
If you are serious about developing ASP.NET applications you should install Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.
In both cases, make sure you install the Internet Information Services (IIS) from the Add/Remove Windows components dialog.
Before ASP.NET can be installed on your computer, it is necessary to have all relevant service packs and security updates installed.

The easiest way to do this is to activate your Windows Internet Update. When you access the Windows Update page, you will be instructed to install the latest service packs and all critical security updates. For Windows 2000, make sure you install Service Pack 2. I will also recommend that you install Internet Explorer 6.

Read the note about connection speed and download time at the bottom of this page.
Install .NET

From your Windows Update you can now select to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.

After download, the .NET framework will install itself on your computer - there are no options to select for installation.

You should now be ready to develop your first ASP.NET application!