If you do not know where to save the file and how asp files from your ASP pages, this lesson will guide you through the process to run asp the first time. After IIS is installed correctly, the next step is complete and you must save your ASP files in a special location on your hard drive: Inetpub directory that is specific.

Follow these steps to navigate to this directory:

1. Open up "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" so that you can view your system's files and directories.
2. Select and Open the C drive (C:)
3. Double click the Inetpub folder
4. Double click the wwwroot folder - The full path to this location is "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot" for you advanced users
5. Within the wwwroot directory locate the "localstart.asp" file.

This is the same file you saw after completing the installation in the previous lesson. Your ASP files will have to go into this wwwroot directory or a contained sub-directory to run properly.

This tutorial will refer to the folder "tizagASP." You have to make, if you want to follow this ASP tutorials.

• Inside the wwwroot folder create a New Folder and rename it "tizagASP"
• To access this directory you would type the following into Internet Explorer:
o http://localhost/tizagASP/FILENAME.asp
• Where FILENAME is name of your ASP file

All of the files you create while reading the ASP Tutorial should go into this directory.

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