Create a user login is often necessary in building a web application. Not as alleged, that user login is secure can be made easily. There are several techniques to create a user is logged, among others:
* By using the hidden form. This is not flexible, because it requires each page to check the data sent by the form, so if users change the page without pressing the button to submit, will be considered invalid.
* By using cookies. This is good enough, because it allows the user flexibility in moving the pages. But the cookies are valid for the browser has not been turned off, so less secure. Imagine if you leave your browser in the circumstances have not closed, then there are others who wear it.
* By using the session. This will be discussed.
IIS is packed with state management of the facilities is very good, through the concept and application session. To create a user login that this simple, yet still required the use of the global.asa in your ASP file.

This application requires a 3 script the most important, namely:

# Ogin.asp, login page first
# Verify.asp, verifying users
# Logout.asp, do logout and remove session
............. ect