Microsoft Visual Basic. NET is a tool to develop and build applications that run on the system. NET Framework, using the BASIC language. By using this tool, the programmer can build Windows Forms applications, web-based ASP.NET application, and also the command-line application. This tool can be obtained separately from several other products (such as Microsoft Visual C + +, Visual C #, or Visual J #), or can also be integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio. NET. Visual Basic language. NET embrace the paradigm of their own object-oriented programming language that can be seen as the evolution of Microsoft Visual Basic version that is implemented in the previous top. NET Framework. The launch invite controversy, given the many changes made by Microsoft, and this new version is not compatible with the previous version.
After that, Microsoft also concentrate on developing Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0, and of course the tools to build programs on top of it. Until 2005, they released the latest version of Visual Basic. NET, and this time called by Visual Basic 2005 (by removing the word. "NET"), together with some other application development.

For release 2005, Microsoft added several new features, including:
* Edit and Continue
This feature previously found in Visual Basic, but will be removed in the Visual Basic. NET. With the presence of this feature, the programmer can modify the code executed when the program execution process and continue with the code that it has been modified.
* Evaluation of expression at the time of design
* The emergence of Pseudo-Namespace "My", which provides:
o easy access to several areas in particular. NET Framework without the need code that is very significant.
o classes created dynamically (especially My.Forms).
* Improving the converter to the source code of Visual Basic to Visual Basic. NET.
* The use of keywords (keyword) Using, which simplifies the use of the objects that need to Dispose pattern of resources that are not applicable.
* Just My Code, which hide the reusable code written by the tool Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Visual Studio. NET.
* Source of the data (Data Source binding), which can facilitate the development of database applications based client / server.

The functions of the above (and especially My) is intended to focus Visual Basic. NET as a development platform applications quickly and "turn" from the language C #.

Visual Basic language in 2005 to introduce new features, namely:

* Default. NET Framework 2.0:
o Generics
o Partial class, a method that can be used to define some part of a class in a file, and add a definition at a later time; very useful, especially when the user code with the code that is created automatically.
o Nullable Type
* Comments XML, which can be processed using several tools such as NDoc to create The documentation automatically.
* Operator overloading
* Support to integer data type is not marked (unsigned integer), which is generally used in the other language.

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