ASP.NET AJAX is a framework for ASP.NET AJAX 2.0. By using ASP.NET AJAX, we can make web applications more responsive and interactive. To create a web application using the AJAX-enabled ASP.NET AJAX is very easy. Web programmer with limited ability Javascript can make web applications and interactive resonsif using ASP.NET AJAX. ASP.NET AJAX can be downloaded at
Some of the benefits of web applications using ASP.NET AJAX applications compared with a fully web-based servers, among other:
* More efficient because the process is done in the browser.
* UI element that is more familiar as indicators of the process, tooltips and pop-up window.
* Update Many pages that change only part of a web page (partial rendering).
* Integration with client ASP.NET application form for authentication services and user profiles.
* Framework is easily tailored to the needs of the server-control.
* Support the most popular browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Architecture ASP.NET AJAX
ASP.NET AJAX is a framework that consists of a client script library and the server component that is integrated. ASP.NET AJAX is also supported by ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and some other additional features.

Ilistrasi following describes the functionality of the existing literature on the client script and the server component of ASP.NET AJAX.

Architecture server and the client ASP.NET AJAX