This time we will discusses how to use control mshflexgrid taking adodc data connection. Suppose you want to display a set of data from Microsoft Access database or other databases, then the way is very easy.

Mshflexgrid with Adodc

         Open your new project. Then add the control mshflexgrid and control addc by right-clicking in the box area component, then add the two control. If you've added, then both the control will be there in a box set of control components. The next step is to add a second control, into a form.
 In adodc control, setting the following property:
         Right click on the control, then select the tab konection string, select the database we will show. In the above example we take BBLIO existing database in visual basic folder.
        Press the Test button to test whether the database conection are connected correctly. After properly press the Apply button.
 Select the table that will be in tamppilkan, for example here we take the example of table Author.
        In Mshflexgrid control, setting the following property:
 Right-click the control, and then select the retrieve structure.
 Run your Visual Basic program. If successful, the result will be like the picture above.

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