Windows Vista is released November 2006 appears to be immediately pan. Parties, the new generation replacement has been released in beta version.

Windows 7, which was known by the name Blackcomb and Vienna is planned later in 2010 will be outstanding. Currently no certainty that the name will be taken this far because Windows 7, Windows Seven, Vienna, and Blackcomb is the codename Microsoft used for development.

Like the Vista and XP, Windows 7 is also a version will be marketed in 32-bit and 64-bit.

Although Microsoft has not released the statement about the features that are owned and pointing Windows 7 is, some observers predict that Windows 7 will include IE 8 and Windows Future Storage (WinFS) as one of its components.

IE 8 beta 1 is integrated with Windows Server 2008, which yesterday released in February. Meanwhile, WinFS, which originally planned to strengthen the candidate to replace Vista NTFS file system must be delayed because it is still in the project.

From some of the sites that their preview of Windows 7 is, there will be a feature that is quite interesting. In the Control Panel, there is one additional feature called the Recovery Center. Recovery Center is reputedly able to restore a damaged Windows installation without the need to re-install. Again no good data pointing lost in the process of this improvement.

The only mention Microsoft's own Windows that this generation will be more easily operated, more secure, more easily dikoneksikan with gadgets, and more affordable

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