One component in Visual Basic that is often used is MSHFLEXGRID. In the programs that we build applications, components are usually used to display data in the form of columns and rows.
         How to add a form control in the way is as follows:
 Right-click in the box area components, it will display a number of components vb. Then choose the components that have the name Microsoft Herarchical Flexgrid Contorl 6.0, as shown below.

          Once the selected components to be added in the component box, then the next to add falam form to double-click the control mshflexgrid. The result will look like the picture below.

           At first glance it appears that the components are the same as the control flexgrid. The difference is highly perceived by contorl flexgrid is its ability to menanangani data, as well as ease of control when pengkodingan programs performed by the programmer. Furthermore, we will discuss how its consumer.

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