In Visual Basic 6.0, Shape control provides an easy way to draw rectangles, circles and other shapes at desing form. Shape control is a control that takes meori very light.
           In Visual Basic 2005 tutorial, there is no equivalent to controls in terms of drought pemakainan Shape memory.At design time, you can draw a square or rectangular shape on the form by adding a Label control and set the Text property, property for FixedSingle BorderStyle and BackColor, Width, and Height to the desired color and size desired.
Tutorial Visual Basic 6.0 : Control Shape

           On the program is run, you can draw a rectangle, ellipse, in the form of the complex in the event handler of a form by creating a new object of the Graphics class and call the method.
           In Visual Basic 6.0, you can use the Shape control to draw shapes on top of container controls such as PictureBox or control frame by adding the Shape control.
           In Visual Basic 2005, you can achieve the same effect by calling the graphics in the Paint event.

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