Tutorial Visual Basic 6.0          Visual Basic 6.0 is prmrograman language that is widely used in the programming world. Tutorial on using Visual Basic 6.0 is also very much in number. On the internet you just search by keyword tutorial visual basic 6.0, it will be found many sites that discuss the use of Visual Basic 6.0. And in particular and complete you can find the official site to belong Microsoft.
          This blog will provide a brief tutorial with examples and tips and tricks pemrogrammnya. Topics will be divided into several groups:
A. Tutorials, which will discuss the controls that exist in Visual Basic 6.0
B. Example code, which will give you a simple picture of how to use vb (visual basic).
C. Tips and Tricks
A. tutorials
  1. Text Box
  2. Frame
  3. CommandButton
  4. CheckBox
  5. OptionButton
  6. ScrollBar
  7. Timer
  8. DriveListBox
  9. DirListBox
  10. FileListBox
  11. Shape
  13. Listbox
  14. Msflexgrid