Control the scrollbar in Visual Basic 6.0 is used when we want to create a display that is controlled by the user, such as the scrollbar on microsoft windows applications in general.
           In this tutorial to add to the form the way is as follows:
           Double click on the box that controls the scrollbar component, then control the scrollbar will appear on the form that you create. By default the control has a property name and caption ScrollBar1. If you want to add these controls on the form, the way he is double click the image control components of the scrollbar on the box, then the form will pop up a new scrollbar. By default will have the name and property scrollBar3.
Tutorial Visual Basic 6.0 : Control ScrollBar

           Similarly to the next if you want to add control. Property name and caption by default following the amount of control. Therefore it should change the property control to fit your needs.
 Position Control scrollbar can be applied in two options, namely a vertical position and the second in a horizontal position.

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